Sinistra Est Dextra - Aesthetic Work
Published Scores

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Escher Without Wings
Wind Orchertra
Score Sample (Page 1-20)
Interview - Ritmo (Spanish review).  
Interview & resume of Sinistra Est Dextra.
Light and Shadows
Chamber Orchertra
Score Sample (Page 1-14)
Evil I did Dwell, Lewd did I Live
Score Sample (Page 1-15)
Bass Clarinets, Percussion & Piano
Score Sample (Page 1-16)
Unrevealed Cube 4x4
Violin, Violoncello & Piano
Score Sample (Page 1-9)
Spectra - Large Orchestra
Score Sample (Page 1-18)
RadaRadaR - Ensemble
Score Sample (Page 1-20)
Escher Without Wings - Text Analysis